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N'hay Gear

N’hay Fly Mask with Bonnet

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Made with all black quality mesh face and your choice of colour trims. The black mesh ensures no damage to the optic nerve (as caused by some colours and patterns). The ear bonnets add extra protection for horses that are sensitive to insects or itchy ears. They are a great alternative to a hooded neck rug offering protection with better ventilation around the face and vision. It also has the added safety of not blinding the horse or snagging and creating other dangerous situations. 

The masks are made to fit well for maximum comfort for long summer days of wear. Secure, but built with a failsafe if your horse does become snagged, so they’ll be freed quickly and the mask is likely to remain totally repairable. Safety is a priority. 

Available in a large range of sizes, and also in custom to ensure you don’t have to compromise on fit. Just contact me direct for custom requirements. Find your fit, whether Shetland or Shire. 

As an indication sizes are as follows;

Extra Small - mini pony/mini horse/foal

Small - Mini pony/Shetland/foal

Medium - Fine featured Cob

Large - Full size 

Extra Large - Warmblood/Large TB/ clydesdale

Extra Extra Large - Shire Horse/ Percheron 

Masks are used for many reasons and each horse has a preference. Add ear bonnets, nose flaps or just the mask alone. A quick rinse and rub and towel dry and it’s ready to refit. The perfect mask for insect season, during long spells treating eye injury or preventing injuries in long grass. 

Being N’hay Gear, it’s built to last and ensure more than one season of wear.