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N'hay Gear

N'hay - Embroidery

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This personalisation method applies to many soft textile products in the N’hay Gear range and embroidery is a luxurious finish that can be used as a monogram, security element or design feature. 

One of the best uses is for your N’hay Gear collar order! 

If you’ve ever lost your dog, you know that sinking feeling and that questioning the universe as to whether someone nice will find your dog and know to look for their owner. Praying it’s not a night in the pound that your dog has lined up with one escapade.

N’hay Gear collars are easily customised to include your dog’s name and a contact phone number. It’s non-bulky, harder to lose than a tag and really easy to read. Even if their rescuer doesn’t have their glasses or isn’t a dog person, they can get close enough to read the number and give you a call without delay.

Of course, if your dog frequents the vet, has a professional walker or doggy daycare, how convenient would it be to have your collar named and unmistakably for your dog!? Especially if you have more than one dog.

The list of reasons are great. But the cost is not. Because I value your pet too, for a small cost you can add a very visible contact details embroidery to your collar. Doesn’t matter how many letters or numbers. If I can get it to fit, it’s the same cost for all.

There’s really no reason not to do it!