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Loretta Matthews Industries

N’hay Gear - Pet Rug

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N’hay Gear pet rugs can be used for all sorts of pets! Goats, dogs, calves, dare I say…..cats. All I need is your measuring time and I can do the rest.

Do a check measure and order a jacket closest to the size you need. There’s a diagram in the photos and the sizing listed is for the back measurement. So don’t just use sizing from a jacket you have from another brand. They may do it differently.

When placing the order, leave your measurements in the comments so you can also have it custom fitted free of charge. 

Traditionally used as a canine jacket, these jackets follow the N’hay Gear rules and are made to last and be super comfy. Outer waterproof acrylic fabric lined with a kersey wool blanket fabric. They offer warmth and protection year round. 

Two belly straps can be crossed (for boys) or run straight through (for girls) and fasten on top of the back so they’re accessible to you, not the dog. And they aren’t there to be laid on and uncomfortable. Adjusters in the straps ensure you can keep up with the seasons and the adjustable neck is best left done up and slipped over the head to make getting the jacket on and off faster and easier. 

These coats can be machine washed in wool wash and dried in the shade. Keeping them fresh and clean is easy!