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N'hay Gear

N'hay Work/stable/paddock boots

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N’hay Gear work boots are built for comfort during general protection of the legs during all activities.

Made using designer canvas patterns that have been discontinued, this lot are perfect new condition and no longer suitable for trade displays because they can’t be replicated. 

The work boot’s true hero feature is the bamboo lining that ensures maximum comfort and durability. Bamboo fleece is completely machine washable and gets softer with wear. Being a natural fibre and antibacterial, it’s perfect for close contact wear like a work boot.

All beautiful colours and plenty of sizes for all horses and ponies. Sized for front legs, buy the next size up for hinds. You can therefore order two pairs to make a set of four teal scales for a cob or pony (order cob+full or pony+cob) and there’s a set of four in green quaterfoil or red scales to suit small pony (order small pony + pony).

Normally selling for a very reasonable price of $33 per pair. They’re on sale at half price here!