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Two brands - one craftswoman!

Within the realms of my workshop capabilities and professional specilisations - whatever you need, my specialty is bringing it to life and making sure it’s built to last, from Australian Made materials where ever possible. I proudly design each new product to be unique.

Custom doesn’t have to mean slow. Rest assured I strive to provide a timely service so you receive your new product without delay - but under 7 days would be considered urgent with my usual leadtime. Because it’s custom built to do exactly what you need - It’s always worth the wait!
Remember I’m just a phone call away and happy to discuss your needs or answer questions too.

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N’hay Gear Canine training gear

N'hay Station Mat - Indoor/designer canvasJack russell on N’hay Gear station mat in cafe
  • The Chopper Bag Coolers available in Mini and Small to be used for any job - hot cold or just to be cool. Double canvas sandwiched insulation that soft, flexible and durable

    Chopper Coolers are Cool!

    Without a doubt these coolers are going to impress! Soft, flexible, strong, durable and insulated for the best performance. 2021 top gift choice!

  • N’hay Gear Hay Cushion

    Designed for use on the ground for natural grazing posture in a sealed portion controlled netted feeder. Use it to soak hay and it can also be hung up. Use it for hygienic feeding in new environments or in a slow feeder format for controlled grazing or toss it in the paddock for enrichment during the day. Choose your size. Top seller for Spring!

  • The Chopper Bag - 30 years of greatness!

    With a legacy in the Australian Outback and work scene, The Chopper Bag will probably outperform any luggage you’ve ever owned. With a wide range to choose from theres a model for every requirement. A lifetime warranty gives you assurance that this product is made to last!