Product Care

I hope you're enjoying your N'hay Gear products. 

I have chosen the best quality materials and skillfully crafted a quality product built to last. Regular care, maintenance and cleaning prolongs the life of your product in many ways.

Below are some guidelines for caring for the materials in your products.


Outdoor canvas is tough and its chosen for the job. To maximise the life of your product try to avoid exposing it to repeated abrasion, excessive sunlight, cosmetics, chemicals, dirt or mud left on and supervise first uses to prevent damage by pets. 

Washing your waterproof canvas is very easy. Clean spills on canvas and water and a damp cloth or soft brush. Use very mild detergent if you think you need a little help. A high pressure washer is also great at blasting off dirt. Washing machines aren't particularly good at washing water proof canvas. 

Outdoor Canvas Station mats can be cleaned while you also clean your dog. Stand your dog on the mat while you bath them and let the suds do the work on the mat at the same time. If it cleans the dog, it will clean the mat. 

Dry your product in the shade or wipe dry with a towel.

Other Fabrics

I choose quality fabrics that are suitable to do the job, and often those that are over engineered for the job. They perform really well working hard. 

If you have a product that contains 100% wool I will let you know and you simply need to wash it in either a machine or by hand using a dedicated wool wash.

All other fabrics are fine to be machine washed if it fits in your machine. Fasten all clips and secure straps. Using mild detergents and never bleach or fabric softeners. Remembering that detergents are a factor if the product is coming in close contact with your pets or people and residual detergent could cause a reaction. 

Avoid scrubbing fabric with harsh tools in case it damages the fibres or finish. 

Cleaning a product regularly can help with keeping it in great shape for years. Dirt and sand trapped in fibres can actually wear away at them with every day use and cause failure of the weave. Washing often, even if it doesn't look dirty is a good prevention. 

Dry hanging in the shade.


Leather, like all textiles I use are chosen for minimum maintenance and hard wearing abilities.

If you want to clean and nourish old leather any leather conditioner will do. I have also created a blend that works best with my product to clean, polish and protect without being too greasy or leave a residue. Its available in the shop for purchase. 

If you have any questions about the condition of your leather or care methods, please ask and I'm always happy to help. 

Trims, Ropes and Webbings

The trims and webbings will benefit from the same cleaning process as your canvas and fabrics. They are outdoor friendly and chosen for their ability to tolerate UV exposure and colours remain bright and fibres functional for longer.

Keeping them clean will help reduce damage to fibres and stitching and ensure you can have faith in its performance. Wash in wash bags in the washing machine, or by hand. Always check stitched connection points and have repairs done if needed. 

Dry in the shade. 


Chopper Bag products use stainless steel and solid brass hardware and can be polished to new or left without a concern for years. 

Other products have high quality hardware chosen for their best use and safety. Plastic, Alloy, Plated Steel and aluminium are just some of the materials in use.

Any hardware will benefit from regular cleaning and maintanance of moving parts. Use oil or WD40 or silicone spray in clips and zips to keep them moving well.

Clean dirt and sand off product as soon as practical and check there is no damage to the product before each use. 

Repairs and restorations

You always have a manufacturing warranty for all products. Chopper Bags have a lifetime manufacturing standard warranty. However, life and accidental damage can always happen. You can arrange to send your product back to me to have factory repairs done or you can employ a local to do the work. If you need any spare parts please make contact and I can help where possible.

Damage to fabric such as rips, chews, holes and torn stitches need to be repaired as soon as possible. The sooner its repaired, the safer it is and the less damage can be done to the product and avoid catastrophic failure. If you or your local repairer need a patch or parts, drop me a line and if I can help with a fabric match I certainly will. 


For any questions for your specific product, please contact me at or on 0438985967