The Chopper Bag - Iconic Australian Luggage

If you know what a Chopper Bag is, then you’ve come to the right place. These are the original Chopper Bag. First designed almost 30 years ago and there’s been no need to change design since. Same leather, same fittings, same canvas. Totally proven, these bags work through the decades. Always offering security, reliability and performance their owners can depend on. 

As the second generation maker, I’m creating Chopper Bags in the traditional manner, and ensuring that the friendly and familiar customer service you received from the original designer is also carried through your Chopper Bag ordering experience with me. It’s like catching up with an old friend each time you order - such is the Chopper Bag culture. 

If you’re new to Chopper Bag, I’m thrilled for your first purchase! I know getting the bag is just the beginning! Having loads of compliments and looks at your bag, having other owners, or those in the know talk to you about your bag, loving your bag and taking it everywhere realising 20 years from now, how very long you’ve had it and how very strong it is. 

The Chopper Bag luggage is a great example of Australians making gear that can cope with our needs. Not just for fashion. Not just for this season. It’s a bag for life and like nothing else on the market.

Your Chopper Bag luggage is always made to order. So please, feel free to order here, but also don’t hesitate to give me a call and talk through the many options for a bag or some other idea you’ve had to make your particular bag super special. I also have specialty leathers in stock from time to time and you might like to pop into the workshop and design a bag in person - allow about 1.5 hours and lets get designing!