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The Chopper Bag

Chopper Bag - BABY KIT

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The Chopper Bag is versatile and ready when you are. 

Every Chopper owner knows nothing lasts like a Chopper. If your family is growing the smartest answer to carting all that baby paraphernalia around is to convert your existing Chopper Bag, or shout the baby a new one and add the Baby Kit for maximum compatibility to your new crazy life. Get something all parents and carers are proud to use and be seen with. 

You know the bag will still be fine for when they grow and head off to school camp. I think it’s way better than a teddy bear.

The Kit comprises....

* The baby bag insert - A stand alone roll out kit with two bottle sections, pen or cutlery pockets, dummy/key clips, pockets for wipes, nappies, creams, socks, spare cloths etc. not only does it hold a lot of kit, it also acts as a divider in the bag. So dirty gear on one side, clean on the other with feeding equipment safely in the middle. Place it in the bag however you like it. It has a leather strip for wrapping and keeping it together if you need to.

* Change Mat - A great sized change mat to keep baby off many questionable surfaces or surfaces that need protection from your change times. Made with a waterproof canvas side and a designer soft printed canvas side. You decide which side your child can be trusted on. The padding is just sufficient to be comfortable, hold them steady and still be lightweight and fast drying. The change mat is machine washable, but even a wipe down with a wet wipe is all it may need most days. It will quickly fold and fit into the bag well. It has a leather thong for closing it up and is also handy for tying your child’s favourite toy to to keep them distracted during change time. 

Shoulder Strap Kit - because being a parent actually requires about three arms, but we are inconveniently supplied with two, I highly recommend ensuring your precious Chopper Bag remains safe on your shoulder with the shoulder strap. So one is supplied as part of the kit and totally removable for when it’s no longer needed. The leather strap is a work of art in its own right. Leather and cowhide premium bags have a strap with a matching leather or hide feature on the strap to match the bag. Canvas bags have a matching canvas backing. 

The kit will be made to match the colour selection you apply to the bag you order. Designer canvas patterns change with the seasons and with availability due to demand, but nothing is ugly and ‘gender neutral colours are aplenty’.

So add this accessory pack to your choice of any Chopper Bag it will suit (Mini, Small, Large, Tote) and let’s get someone as ready as they’re ever going to be for a new baby.