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Loretta Matthews Industries

Chopper Bag - Leather dressing (secret formula)

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The Chopper Bag leather dressing is brewed in-house for the best match when tending to the care of your Chopper Bag products. 

Presented in a neat 40ml tin and brewed with a solid shelf state, this dressing can travel with you and not melt through your gear in the harsh temps we sometimes encounter on adventures.

The Chopper Bag leathers are chosen for their minimal need for maintenance. Tanned and oiled from the factory for a lifetime of service. Some days though, you might want to scrub your bag up and bring it a little closer to new. This is the product for you, it cleans and nourishes and polishes. Just grab a clean cloth (or and old tee shirt) rub in circles to warm the dressing and apply in small amounts in a small area at a time as needed. 

Add a little tin of goodness to your order. Especially if buying an all leather bag or if you just know you have a bit of leather gear in need of some maintenance.