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Loretta Matthews Industries

Chopper Bag - Leather dressing (secret formula)

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The Chopper Bag leather dressing is brewed in-house for the best match when tending to the care of your Chopper Bag products. 

  • Polish, Clean, Restore and Protect your Chopper Leather without leaving it oily. 
  • Brewed in-house with a solid shelf state.
  • Perfect treatment for Chopper Bag Leathers.

Just grab a clean cloth (or and old tee shirt) rub in circles across the top of the dressing in the tin to warm the dressing and apply in small amounts in a small area at a time as needed. 

Add a little tin of goodness to your order. Especially if buying an all-leather bag or if you just know you have a bit of leather gear in need of some maintenance.