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Chopper Bag Cooler - SMALL

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The Chopper Cooler/Warmer Bag can be used as a stand alone bag, or for transporting hot or cold items that you need to keep at their correct temperature.

With its double layer of canvas and high quality, light weight insulation sandwich, the bag can take whatever you need to keep cool for the picnic or work day. The canvas is waterproof, wipes clean and crushes to a compact size when you’re done with it. 

Using the Chopper Bag format allows the user to fill the bag easily and close it up very secure. You can also have it open as you rummage for something in the bottom without the contents escaping easily. The soft bag design will ensure it adapts to the craziest combination of goods. Great for grocery shopping. 

The leather carry handle has a clip at one end that attaches to the dee ring on the bag. It also threads through the dee rings so you can double over to shorten the closure or triple it for a really short handle, or over the shoulder at full length and carry full capacity hands free without trouble. It also means you can thread it through a loop on the ute tray or, over a tree branch. Making it easy to secure in your load.

If you wish, you can upgrade the shoulder strap to the wide 60mm canvas backed leather strap that clips at both ends to dee rings on the bag. The wider strap makes carrying a full Small Cooler more comfortable. It’s also a very nice piece of kit on its own. Select “Upgrade Strap/to match/bag” from the drop down menus and add to cart. I’ll make the strap to match the cooler bag you order. 

Available in Small (Size approx 40x25x25cm when closed) or Mini (Size approx 30 X 20x 15 when closed), the sizing corresponds to the Chopper Bags of the same size. So they fit neatly inside their counterpart or even use a mini cooler inside one half of your Small Chopper. It’s a great fit! Half cooler, half regular luggage.

Such a versatile bag.