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The Chopper Bag

Chopper Bag - Shoulder Strap for SMALL and LARGE bags

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Obviously a handy accessory to have for your bag.

If you're buying a bag for the first time, this option needs to be purchased at the time of bag order so necessary fittings can be sewn onto the bag and the strap made as a perfect to match with leather and canvas from the same rolls.

If you have simply lost your shoulder strap, you can contact me direct to order the strap only. You won’t need the added cost of the fittings on the bag.

With a 60mm width it allows you to carry your bag hands free in comfort. The strap is removable with clips on each end. It needs to be removed when the bag is checked into the luggage hold of a plane or in transit on busses or other transport to minimize loss or damage of the strap and bag.

Available in the options pack also. You can add every possible accessory to the bag of your choice for better value.

**Made to match your bag order unless otherwise specified.