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The Chopper Bag

Chopper Bag - Luggage Tag

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For the coolest evidence of your bespoke luggage and for necessary identification - grab a luggage tag.

Available in two formats;

Laser engraved with your personal details, logo, whatever you need. Fastening to the bag securely with a chicago screw (supplied) and looking super cool. All included in the price.

Clear Pocketed with the ability to open up and insert and change identification or tag for contents, even include a family photo. This style can wrap onto the bag and secure with a chicago screw at the fixed end and clip closed or open for easy access while keeping your details covered when shut.

Clamshell Style - A fold over style luggage tag holding personal information in clear sleeves inside and personal brand and Chopper Branding to the outside. Securing to the bag with a chicago screw and able to be attached to Dees, on the strap behind the buckle or on handles. the choice is yours.

Make your style and colour selection here and provide details for engraving if needed. They make a great gift on their own or can be made to match your bag of choice.