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  • Leather samples in black, tawny and Whisky for selection of your custom Chopper Bag colours.
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The Chopper Bag

Chopper Bag - BACKPACK - Canvas/Leather

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The Chopper Bag is the original and the best for travel without a care. Knowing no matter where you go, your Chopper Bag can bring your personal items safely and securely.

The Backpack is a MkII version and it’s doing a relaunch this Spring 2022. Based on the Mini Chopper base with 20cm x 30cm and an overall height of 40cm this baby can carry as much as a Small bag, but in a different format. Backpacks are hands-free carrying at its best and sometimes only a backpack will do. This bag has adjustable straps that can also be buckled on crossed over the body for maximum security. Great for motorbike tours. The carry handle at the back slides over a pop up handle on a wheelie suitcase too. They have some obvious Chopper genetics with a buckle down closure. You know that also means they’re built for strength and performance over decades of use. 

Available in the usual range of spectacular colour combinations, they’re able to compliment or start your Chopper collection. 

Not sure yet… the other models. 

Large Bag - Measuring approx 60 cm x 30cm x 25cm when folded closed. Starting out at a light 2.2 kilos, it can carry up to one week of all your clothing gear and when fully loaded weighs around 19kg. Featuring the familiar strap and buckle closure for added security with the large double pull zip.

Small Bag - Measuring Approx 40 cm x 27cm x 20cm when closed. Starting out around the 1.2kg mark for a canvas body and leather bag. Packed with clothes and shoes and toiletries they usually come in around 9kgs. Is able to be used as cabin luggage and makes a perfect overnighter or up to three to four days if you pack carefully. Featuring the familiar strap and buckle closure for added security with the large double pull zip.

Mini Bag - Measuring approximately 30 cm x 20 cm x 15cm when closed. Starting out just under the 1kg mark and makes a great hand bag or large toiletries bag. Featuring a double clip closure over the metal zip that is able to clip together or apart down to the dees at the base. Changing the look and making access easier for frequent opening. Mini Chopper now comes standard with internal pockets.

Canvas outer and lining are both waterproof. There’s a large selection of colours for your truly personalized combination to come to life.

The durable Chopper leather base and handles makes for secure packing and carrying in all situations and all weather. Add an optional long shoulder strap for hands free travel or some pockets for the inside to add a little bit of organization.

Monogramming is always encouraged and remains a complimentary service using either stamps or the laser engraver.

Hardware (Buckles, rivets and dees) are either solid brass or stainless steel. Ensuring long term performance for the lifetime of the product.

Each size is also available in a full leather option (see separate listing)

Every Chopper Bag has full warranty against manufacture faults and a back to base service is offered for repairs whether accidental or fault related. Buy in complete confidence of having continued service for the life of the bag.