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N'hay Gear

N'hay Gear Dog Bed - Foam Mattress and Heavy Duty Canvas Cover

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N'hay Gear foam mattress beds are top quality fully supportive beds to last the life of your dog. If your dog is a bed wrecker - worry no more. N'hay Gear dog beds are designed to combat the main reasons dogs do this, and help you invest in true comfort for them. 

  • The 50mm foam has been chosen for the best support for your dog. Smaller beds have a softer foam and larger beds are more supportive foam without adding bulk.
  • Use in your ute dog box or back of the car to cushion the ride.
  • Perfect for long nights inside crate, kennel or bedroom floor.
  • Hard wearing but replaceable covers from a range of heavy duty canvas ensures you have the foam mattress insert protected from the elements. If the cover ever needs replacing you can zip off and repair or replace. The foam remains clean inside with its own fabic cover. 

Layers of eggshell memory foam can be added for additional support for dogs with mobility issues and old age. Just order it separately from the store to have it added to your bed.

NOTE * Some images used to show colours are of station mats because they are the same colour selections. 

Cleaned with a damp cloth or pressure washer as required. Canvas is hygienic and doesn’t harbor fleas or mites.

Acrylic Canvas beds (in a separate product listing) are also a great option. If you really love colour and want to throw your cover in the washing machine, the great range of colours to choose from you’re sure to find one to suit your dog’s personality and even your personal home accents.