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N'hay Gear

N'hay Hay Pocket - Zipped feeder

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These hay feeders are a simple idea with a very long list of practical uses. 

  • Quality Australian Made heavy duty canvas and polyprop webbing and zips.
  • Sizing for portions required. Daily single portions or all day grazing.
  • Easy to quickly fill with a variety of forage. 
  • Hanging dee rings for use on the ground to secure to a point or hang on the wall or gate. 
  • Use for portion control without waste. Hay saving, hay soaking, hygiene and slow feeding if required.
  • They are made for every day use or as required for travel.

Standard sizing easily fits the quantity indicated. Other sizes are available to order as you require. 

Many photos are indicative of colour combinations done before. Use them for inspiration but the combinations are limitless! 

Nets ready-made will be listed individually.