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The Chopper Bag

Laser Engraving - Complex Logos or Brands or Custom with Non-Chopper Bag Purchase

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The coolest toy in the workshop is the Laser Engraver.

Laser engraving gives a crisp clear name or initials on a leather badge to be sewn onto the product of your choice during construction.

If you've ordered a Chopper Bag, the basic monogramming is now included in the price of your Chopper Bag and done with this cool equipment. Complex engraving including logos, brands or combination of that with text will require this personalisation option to be used. 

If you've ordered any other product from the N'hay Gear range or smaller Chopper Bag product, you need to select this product in the quantity to match your number of items ordered and include details for your order via a note on check out, or email me at

If you’re purchasing a luggage tag and want laser engraving instead of the clear card pocket for your details, please include this option for your details to be laser engraved. Usually name, phone number, address or just city. Any details to help you be reunited with your luggage. 

All product I make has potential for laser engraved badges to be added, but you will need to select this product to add it to the cart and provide details upon check out. 

The Laser engraver has the ability for complex items like your logo or property brand to be converted and resized to be applied to a leather badge or even engraved directly to your hair on hide or all leather bag. A combination of logo and text is also possible. Everything will be drafted for approval before application. 

The process is simple;

1. Choose this option on check out to ensure the additional feature of a complex engraved item is accounted for any products you need it for.

2. Then include details in notes. If artwork is needed, ensure you email through your artwork in a graphics file format, the clearer the better, for working with. If you have a property stock brand in Queensland, simply let me know the details and I’ll pick up the artwork direct from the brands database. Photographs can be used too if necessary.

3. Drafts can be approved before application to your bag so you know it's going to turn out just how it should.