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Loretta Matthews Industries

N’hay Gear - Doggy Battle Rope

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These toys are right up there as a classic example of the K.I.S.S. theory. 

11 months ago we welcomed two short haired border collie puppies to the family. They’re energetic and they love to wrestle. These rope pieces are super simple, but they do achieve so much. 

  • Safe puppy play. Safe for teeth, no small parts, no squeakers
  • Redirects the energy and focus to wrestling with the toy instead of other dogs or your shoe.
  • Teaches fetch early with an easy removal from their grip, being rope and not a ball. Teaching release command early too.
  • Safe in the yard and easy for kids to play with the dog without hands going too close to their mouth.
  • Long lasting toy ensuring you have the same reward ready each time you play or train. Ensuring the dogs have that toy to go to when looking for reassurance.

Our puppies wrestled often and I introduced the toy each time things got a little crazy. Now they find the toy first, and take it to the other dog to ask if they want to play! 

The ends have been finished well so the entire rope is soft in their mouth. Tie it in any sort of knot or no knots for different stimulation. Tie two together. There’s no rules, it’s just super simple and they LOVE them. 

I have basics sizes for puppy through to large and medium breed. Try one today!