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N'hay Gear

N'hay Dee Feeder

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The Dee feeder is such a popular item for its simplicity and versatility.

Made to feed directly from or even to hold a small tuff tub, it can also hold water on its own. Perfect for those trying to travel compact or for horses that are prone to throwing buckets around.

The dee feeder can be used daily to feed out of and is popular as a feeder/waterer on the wheel arch of a float during tie up times at events. It can’t be knocked over assuring owners their horse won’t go thirsty or hungry as easily.

Securing the feeder can be done through a loop, around a post, over a post or gate and on the ground as its self supporting. Once the horse is finished with the feeder it packs flat to fit in the smallest space. Making it more versatile than a plastic bucket.

Check out the range of other products that compliment the dee feeder, such as the hay bags and hay feeders. A complete set will not only look great, but have your feeding needs sorted in a flash.