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N'hay Gear

N'hay Hay Bale Bag

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The N’hay Gear hay bag is where it all started. Made using durable Australian Canvas for the best long term wear, and sized to fit a standard small square bale. These hay bags are a valuable addition to any team who travel far and wide. The hay stays in the bag and not in the car during travel  or in the way while feeding out because you can leave the bag outside while camping!

Choose from a wide range of colours of canvas and trims to make your own unique bag today!

Available in Full Bale, Half Bale and Quarter Bale sizes. So you can select the one you need the most. Two half bale bags can be great for a bit more flexibility with packing and handling is easier too.

The bags also double as rug bag, saddle storage bag, gear bucket and so many other things. Once you have one, you’ll probably need more!