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N'hay Gear

N'hay Station Mat WRAP

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The latest product to the range is one that's been begging to be made for years!

Getting to and from class or the doggy Cafe has always been a bit of a handful. Handles on a station mat are just going to get chewed off. Station mats with built-in distractions are not good for training, so that's never been an option in the N'hay Gear products...... Enter the Station Mat Wrap. Sometimes its best not to overthink things and the most elegant solutions come about. That's how it is with the Station Mat Wrap.

The Wrap is made with a simple single shoulder strap and in two sizes to carry any one of the station mat range perfectly (its all how you fold them). It can carry anything really, picnic blankets, firewood, gym mats, probably lots more. With your mat, the freedom this hands-free carrying creates will have you so much more prepared for outings and confident that you have both hands ready for controlling your puppy.  

This is the gear professional trainers choose to use. So rest assured this is the best, professionally manufactured in Australia using high quality materials for the ultimate in long term performance.

Choose from a wide range of colours and designs that do change seasonally and are subject to availability. If you have ordered a Station mat and want the wrap to match, just choose that option in the colour drop down list and I'll make that happen.

All gear can be made to match any other items from the N’hay Gear workshop. You can also personalise your items too. Consider creating the ultimate training kit!