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N'hay Gear

N'hay Station Mat - Heavy Duty canvas

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N'hay Gear Station Mats are the original square station mat. 

Designed to lay flat and not move around, on all surfaces, inside and outside. You and your dog can have reliable easy placement sessions without distraction or excess corrections. 

Durable Heavy Duty canvas top gives a scratch resistant and strong mat with just the right amount of padding for comfort during training. Even the roughest and most playful claws won't get through this canvas. 

Choose from a variety of canvas and trim colours to personalise your dog's mat. 

N’hay Gear station mats are available in a range of sizes to suit all dog types and breeds. Measurements indicated below are of the length of the sides of the square mat.

Small = 45cm 

Medium = 60cm

Large = 80cm

Extra Large = 100cm

Extra Extra Large = 115cm

Professional trainers use and recommend this mat. So rest assured this is the best stationing mat manufactured in Australia using Australian materials and built for the ultimate in long term performance.

All mats can be made to match any other items from the N’hay Gear workshop. Consider creating the ultimate training kit!